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Ageing of breastmilk jewelry

Ageing of breastmilk jewelry

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Just as breast milk is an organic and live structure, so the breast milk jewelry is special and unique and changes over time.

Of course, this change is subtle, because our preservation methods are thorough and reliable, but here we made a photo comparison so that you can know what to expect.

The bead on the right is a freshly made faceted breast milk bead and on the left side is the same kind of bead, with the same milk, only 2 years old.

As you can see, the bead turned slightly more translucent, but hasn't gone through drastic change of color and won't 'fade' further.

Some beads (depending on original milk hue and composition) may slightly change color, and turn from bright white into a subtly creamier or warmer tone, which we plan to document and publish soon too, so stay in tune if you'd like to see it.

In case of a serious discoloration there's our 2 year guarantee. There is a rare, but possible, occasion of preservation process not working as it should, in which case we remake your bead with no additional cost.

Also, we make a copy of each order to keep and to control how it is holding its quality.

Quality control and top results are our priority, so we do our best to deliver the best looking and top quality product.

For more information about our Guarantee and maintaning your jewelry in its best shape, read more information HERE.

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