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Where is Galacta Jewelry located?

We are in Croatia and we accept orders from and ship Worldwide.

What happens after I place an order?

After you complete the checkout process, the email with detailed instruction and our address will be sent to your email address, the one you provided during the checkout.

If you don't receive that email within an hour of placing the order, please, check you spam filter or contact us at galacta.jewelry@gmail.com.

After you ship the materials needed, please, provide us with the tracking number if available, and inform us that you have shipped them.

We will also briefly inform you after we receive your milk or other inclusions.

How long will it take for my order to be processed and shipped?

Making of breast milk jewelry, after the milk arrives, takes up to 10 days.

Shipping from Croatia to UK and EU takes 5-10 business days, from Croatia to US, and the rest of the world, usually takes 10-15 business days.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, gladly. Contact us at galacta.jewelry@gmail.com.

How can I send you my milk and other inclusions?

Please, see detailed instruction HERE.

Can you create a piece without breast milk?

Yes. Every piece can be made without milk inclusion. If there is a need, we can 'fake' the milk presence by using almond milk.

How do I know that you have used my milk to create jewelry?

We guarantee you that if you ordered a breastmilk jewel and sent your milk, it will be carefully preserved and used in your jewelry.
Unfortunately, due to high price of such confirmation, we can't provide a DNA report, but you can always make a test by yourself, you only need to scratch a little piece from your jewelry and send it for lab testing.

What will you do with remnants from my milk and other materials I send you?

As your milk is fully preserved, we will store and keep it for 2 years, since it's the time we guarantee you your jewelry won't change or discolor, and so that I'll be able to recreate you jewelry if there's need to do it, without you having hassle of shipping milk yourself.
After that period, we will dispose it.
Regarding hair and other inclusions, any remnants will be collected, packed and shipped back to you, along with your newly created jewelry.
Also, you can get a remake/replacement of your jewelry within that period of time (2 years) if your jewelry discolors, or metal elements detach, broke, etc. Of course, you need to take care of your jewelry, because damages that are caused by improper handling will not be repaired.

How to properly care of breast milk jewelry?

Please, read detailed instruction HERE.