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News from the Galacta World!

Find info on work process of creating wonderful jewelry made of breast milk and other keepsakes, or other interesting findings about motherhood, women's health, knowledge, parenting... Get in touch, or simply lurk and enjoy :)

Report on donation to mothers in Gaza

Results of the humanitarian campaign for pregnant women and mothers in Gaza.

Help pregnant women and mothers in Gaza!

Galacta Breastmilk Jewelry is a brand dedicated to empowering mothers, so why not get involved in helping mothers in a humanitarian sense as well?

Greeting Card Texts

Here is your inspiration for greeting cards to accompany Galacta breast milk gift vouchers.

What is Breastmilk Jewelry

Why I am making it, who is it for, and what it takes

Galacta Jewelry Boxes

Luxury packaging for your precious jewels

About me

Something personal

Ageing of breastmilk jewelry

Just as breast milk is an organic and live structure, so the breast milk jewelry is special and unique and changes over time.

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