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Heart-Shaped Breastmilk Pendant With Hair Art | Personalized Jewelry for Mothers
94.00€ Ex Tax: 94.00€

Celebrate the Beauty of Motherhood with Our Heart-Shaped Breastmilk Pendant Capture the essence o..

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Heart-Shaped Pendant with Breast Milk and Baby's Hair: Customizable Keepsake
84.00€ Ex Tax: 84.00€

Introducing our most popular Breastmilk Pendant, a symbol of everlasting love and cherished moments...

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Crowned Breastmilk Pendant Necklace - A Majestic Celebration of Motherhood
84.00€ Ex Tax: 84.00€

Celebrate the Journey of Motherhood with our Majestic Breastmilk Pendant Necklace. ✦ This exquis..

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Dainty Breastmilk Heart Ring - Keepsake Jewelry
54.00€ Ex Tax: 54.00€

Show your love for your baby with this dainty ring, made from your breastmilk. This ring features a ..

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Heart Connector Necklace with Breastmilk | Personalized Jewelry
64.00€ Ex Tax: 64.00€

Heart Connector Necklace - A Timeless Symbol of Love and Connection Experience the magic of our H..

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Heart-Shaped Breast Milk Pendant: Celebration Of Motherhood
74.00€ Ex Tax: 74.00€

Heart-Shaped Breast Milk Pendant: A Beautiful Tribute to Motherhood Celebrate the profound journe..

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