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Breastmilk Jewelry

Explore the world of jewelry that is made of your own breastmilk, personalized with your baby's name, adorned with baby's first lock of hair or a milk tooth, or just any cute little thing that memories are made of...

Breastmilk Jewelry


Galacta Jewelry is a unique accessory that helps mamas preserve their memories most beautifully. See why moms all over the world love and recommend us!



Ordering your unique piece of jewelry is very easy: simply pick out the item you fancy, put it into your shopping basket, select your preferred payment method, and follow through with your order. Once you're all done, keep an eye on your inbox for an email from us with super clear instructions on where and how to send us your special inclusions. We can't wait to make something magical for you!


If you've ever wondered about the magic behind our breast milk jewelry and had questions about the process, you're in the right place. In this FAQ, we'll answer all common queries, from our location in Croatia to how to care for your unique keepsake.

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How to send

Here is our guide on how to ship milk and other inclusions to us at Galacta Jewelry! If you're curious about the process of sending your precious materials for our unique creations, you're in the right place.

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Proper jewelry care

We understand that your jewelry holds sentimental value, and we want to ensure it stays as beautiful as the day you received it. Here, we provide essential tips on maintenance and share guidelines for preserving the unique qualities of your breastmilk jewelry.

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Hi there! I'm Ksenija, and I'm the creative mind behind Galacta jewelry, which is crafted from breast milk. My journey into making this unique jewelry all began with a simple desire to cherish the beautiful moments of my own breastfeeding and early motherhood experience. Over time, it evolved into something truly extraordinary - the chance to create meaningful pieces for other moms like you. I'm overflowing with gratitude for your trust and support on this incredible journey!

About Me

...and what do moms say?

Recommended to everyone, the jewelry is beautiful. It is much more beautiful in person. Ordering and delivery of milk is very simple and well explained on the site, they give all the information. Everything went quickly and automatically. I especially like that you get a certificate of authenticity and a guarantee, as well as a cloth for maintaining the jewelry and all the instructions.

Darija Balinčić

Beautiful and unique jewelry. Mrs. Ksenija is kind, professional and ready to answer all questions.

Ana Barišić

Every mother will understand my immense enthusiasm for this jewelry! Service, accessibility, and detailed instructions for ordering. ALL RECOMMENDATIONS!!!

Anamarija Buntić

It is not easy to describe in words how delighted I am with this jewelry. I kept my son's first tooth in a box for 26 years and then Mrs. Ksenija made me a pendant according to my wishes. I have only words of praise for professionalism and kindness. For me, this pendant is the most precious piece of jewelry I have.

Emilija Kajan

First of all, a great idea to immortalize a part of your life that is special to you. The cooperation was excellent, everything can be arranged, the lady is cool! I am very satisfied with the service. I recommend it to all moms who want a bit different jewelry and a memory for a lifetime. ❤️

Anita Mačković

First of all, very kind and accommodating Mrs. Ksenija! Thank you for making such beautiful memories that last a lifetime! It's such a dainty pendant like a mother's love for her child! He is beautiful! I will wear it proudly!

Sindi Memišev Stojić

I love this ring so much. It's gorgeous and comfortable and perfect. Great seller communication and reasonably fast turnaround and shipping considering it was from Croatia to the US. I would totally buy again.


A perfect memory that simply brings tears to the eyes. Thank you very much for the beautiful bracelet. ❤️

Lorena Širola Šarin

Love these beads so much that I ordered a second one for my bracelet to represent my baby boy! I ordered one of the pink beads for my bracelet to represent my daughter 2 years ago.

Jill Marcos

Professionally and quickly made jewelry, accessible and simple communication, fast delivery. All praise for the lady Ksenija and an idea that creates a wonderful memory for a lifetime, jewelry is beautiful, especially live! Honest recommendations for Galacta Jewelry

Darija Arambašić Ćurić