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How to ship milk and other inclusions

Please, pack your milk (1-10 milliliters, or up to 0.4 fluid ounces) in a plastic bag made for breast milk storage (you can buy it at pharmacy). Pack it in two or three bags, just for additional security and to prevent spilling. Write your name and address on the bag.
It doesn't matter if the milk was stored in freezer previously, just warm it at a room temperature before packing, to avoid condensation forming inside of the package.

If you are sending hair lock, provide as long strain as possible and secure it with a tape. Then put in a paper pouch and then insert into a plastic bag or a sleeve, to prevent any loss.

If you are sending an umbilical cord or placenta, it needs to be dried and preserved prior to shipping. I only need a tablespoon amount, or less of any of those.

If you are shipping a tooth or dried flowers, cloth, or anything similar, just provide a dedicated plastic pouch or a bag and secure it with air bubbles so they won't be broken or damaged in transport.

DO NOT send any material that is irreplaceable, as there is always a possibility that the package gets lost in the mail, and that is, unfortunately, something we can't control or prevent.

Then put it in envelope with air bubbles and send it to me via regular mail with insurance and in an envelope. Envelope should be as small as possible, ideally A6 or smaller. Please, avoid boxes and large format envelopes, as bulkier items tend to ship at slower rates than small items. You will receive a tracking number and be able to track your package and claim insurance if the package gets lost.
If you don't want to send via insured mail that's ok too. It costs less and tends to ship a little faster, but in most countries you don't get a tracking code, so you don't know if your package gets lost in mail.

USPS provides you with a tracking number even if you don't buy insurance for your package.

You can calculate USPS shipping price here:

Envelope that’s up to 30gr (10.58 oz) is 10.41$

40gr (14.10 oz) is 12.60$

50gr (16.36 oz) is 14.47$

In some cases, US shipping may be as low as 3.4$, but I'm not sure how it is named. Some customers were able to obtain this kind of shipping at their local POs.

Take note that I am not able to provide you with all international postage costs, so, please, use USPS for reference for the possible costs.